Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture 500mg

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture 500mg


Our full spectrum hemp oil contains over 100 different phytonutrients and phytocannabinoids and is third party tested for therapeutic contents. Hemp oil is most beneficial when the complete phytochemistry of the plant is utilized, because only full-spectrum hemp oil can deliver the "entourage effect".

The “entourage effect” refers to the combined effect of the phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant synergistically working together in your body for maximum effect.

Hemp oil is ideal for promoting an immediate sense of body mind balance, and our full-spectrum hemp oils offer enhanced therapeutic benefits that other isolate oils lack. This oral tincture be taken sublingually for best results and provides you with dosing flexibility and control. Also available in 250mg and 1000mg strengths.

- 500mg Tincture
-1 Serving contains 12.5mg Hemp
-40 Servings per bottle

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Using hemp oil products is a highly individual experience. Each person metabolizes differently and may be using hemp oil for a variety of reasons. As with most supplements, higher doses of hemp oil can have more pronounced and significant health effects.

If you are a first-time hemp oil user, you may want to start with a low to moderate concentration of hemp oil, such as our 250mg or 500mg tincture, unless you feel that your particular situation requires a greater concentration, in which case, we also offer a 1000mg tincture. The goal is to figure out what is the lowest effective dose for you as this will be the most cost effective approach.

Our tincture bottles come with droppers, giving you maximum control over your dosing, so no matter what strength of hemp oil you order, you are able to be very precise with your dosing. Over time, you can always adjust your dosage of hemp oil to achieve the benefits you desire. And if you have joint or muscle pain, our topical salve can be used in conjunction with the tinctures for local absorption and maximum benefit.

While we cannot make specific recommendations, we can share that people commonly use hemp oil for a number of reasons, including: sleep issues, pain, inflammation, arthritis, spasms, anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, seizure disorders, MS, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, digestive issues, etc. Consult with your doctor if you have questions regarding the use of hemp oil.

According to a recent study in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, it was found that hemp oil possess unique properties:
Antiemetic – Reduces nausea and vomiting Anticonvulsant – Suppresses seizure activity
Antipsychotic – Combats psychosis disorders Anti-inflammatory – Combats inflammatory disorders
Anti-oxidant – Combats neurodegenerative disorders Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer – Combats tumor and cancer cells
Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant – Combats anxiety and depression disorders

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Not all hemp is created equal. Some plants are better for fabrics or rope, and some plants are better for their abundance of phytonutrients and compounds. These are the factors that impact wellness. Even within the varieties of hemp that has been cultivated for health benefits, there is a wide range of quality. Our hemp plants consistently produce 400% to 500% more cannabinoids and terpenes than any other plant in the world.

With 25+ years of hemp cross-breeding and extensive research, we have been able to produce hemp plants that are nutrient rich because they are grown from genetically-superior seeds. Starting with superior seeds yields a high quality hemp oil with significantly more active plant compounds, as our third party verification process has shown.


When the plants have been grown with organic and sustainable farming practices, they tend to be healthy & more nutrient dense, which translates into a higher-quality end product.  Our hemp plants are grown on an organic Colorado farm using sustainable farming practices.

With great attention to detail, our plants tend to be the high in phytonutrients, yielding better results for the end user. Low grade industrial hemp. farmed with pesticides and machinery and coming from Europe, China, and Canada, is often low in phytocompounds and full of impurities and toxic heavy metals.


There are many methods of getting the raw plant into a bioavailable form for the human body. Our lipid infusion process has been carefully selected based on a scientific understanding of how the active ingredients are made available to the body. This low heat infusion process preserves natural cellular bonds and yields avphytonutrient-rich, full-spectrum hemp oil that’s incredibly efficacious.

This process creates an infused oil instead of a concentrate as some other methods do, and it is a very clean and gentle process of extraction. Lipid infusion is completely unique and much more effective than the harsh CO2 extraction processes used by most hemp oil companies. CO2 extraction uses high pressure to fracture cells which greatly diminishes phytonutrient content. 

Because the properties of the hemp plant are lipid friendly, the fats in the carrier oil are able to absorb the beneficial elements of the plant. Research has shown that the human endocannabinoid system is best able to absorb fat. Our product labels are simple, and we prefer it that way. You do not have to worry about artificial flavorings, sweeteners or fillers in our products, because our hemp oil only contains Hemp and organic coconut oil.


Within any plant, hemp plants included, there are many different compounds, each of which may contain benefits for humans and animals.  When you buy hemp oil, it’s important to know whether you’re buying a Full Spectrum product or an Isolate. A Full Spectrum hemp product is one which contains a range of compounds from the whole plant. An Isolate has isolated out only one compound.

Our hemp oil contains the full spectrum of compounds from the hemp plant. Research has shown that the endocannabinoid system is most effective at processing a full spectrum oil, with a variety of cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds. With over 80 cannabinoids in nature, why choose just one?  

By utilizing the whole plant, we produce full-spectrum hemp oil that is far superior to single-molecule, “isolate” hemp oils. Only full-spectrum hemp oil can deliver the highly studied entourage effect, which refers to the combined, synergistic effect of all the beneficial compounds in the plant working together in the body.

And since all cannabinoids express themselves differently in the body, various compounds have been shown to be beneficial for various bodily processes including, bone growth, blood flow, and brain function. Further scientific research will reveal more about what these compounds can do beyond pain and inflammation.   


100% control of the entire process from seed to bottle produces the highest quality, single-origin hemp oil. From cultivation to extraction to packaging, nothing is compromised. This ensures a clean, simple supply chain. 


Multiple accredited, third-party labs are used to identify, record and analyze the phytonutrient compounds in our proprietary hemp strains. We cross-breed specific strains using genetic sequencing in our R&D facility which are cultivated in our greenhouses and outdoor farms without pesticides of any kind. Our hemp flower is then independently tested to be certain it contains highest possible phytocompound concentrations and the broadest spectrum of phytonutrients, essential terpenes, and is free of heavy metals and any impurities.