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Our Made for You facial serums are uniquely formulated for your skincare needs. With our vast collection of pure, premium botanical oils, we are able to expertly address a variety of concerns.

Why use oil on my skin?

Oils are optimal for nourishing, protecting and repairing the skin barrier, helping your skin stay supple, hydrated and giving it a healthy glow.

Does it matter what kind of oil I use on my skin?

Yes, absolutely! Oils are as diverse as the plants that they come from. Each plant seed holds oils and other nutrients that provide that seed with the energy to grow. Every type of seed oil has a unique composition of fatty acids, phytonutrients and beneficial properties as well as it’s own skin feel. Some oils feel dry on the skin, some feel heavy or oily. Some sink in deeper than others. Some are UV protective, high in antioxidants and encourage cellular regeneration. Some are astringent or healing. And essential oils are very different from seed oils, primarily because they are not oily, but rather volatile oils. Essential oils are powerfully concentrated distillations of roots, leaves, flowers, resins or wood of a plant with unique properties and aromas.

The oils that will work best for your skin type will be the ones that contain the properties that support your skin’s health and natural balance. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and our expert botanical skincare formulator wants to support the natural beauty of your skin with a powerful blend of base oils, super-nutrient oils and highly concentrated essential oils as well as optional botanical skin boosters.

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